So there was a group of vegans at my campus today, and they had a big TV showing film from a slaughter house.

Yes, because that’s definitely what people want to see on their way to class or to lunch. Good job trying to make vegans look good! I’m sure no one will think that you’re out of touch or extreme for showing that sort of thing to everyone in the open!

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    Hahahaha, masterful :)
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    When vegans put angry non-vegans in their place I get a little turned on ngl
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    Here, here!!! Well done. As a Burger King patriot who values tradition over rational argument, I’ve got to say, you’ve...
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    And of course, non-vegans DO give vegans LOADS of grief about what they eat, so obviously they are NOT comfortable.
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    How original, the poor picked on non-vegans claiming that non-vegans neeeeeever care about what vegans do or eat, they...
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    Nope. This is you proving your own self-importance and I don’t care enough to bother arguing. Here’s why: it doesn’t...
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    You know how wrong I am but you don’t have sources or science to back it up? That’s cute. Vegans don’t usually ride...
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    yeah humans totally eat the same as bears
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    ^ this one
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